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Red Flags in Relationships

Today is the first day where I will introduce certain topics of interest to persons considering counseling. My first topic is "Red Flags in Relationships". One of the common themes I see in couples counseling is how one or both parties ignore or disregard warning signs (red flags) of their partner in the relationship's initial stage. Some examples of "red flags" you may want to pay attention to (and not ignore) in any potential partner before committing to a long term relationship include the following: a history of financial problems/ poor credit; substance abuse; few friends; having nothing good to say about their "ex" or any past partners; a lack of interest in your friends/family and any type of controlling/abusive behaviors. I've heard too many stories of people who have followed "their heart rather than their head" (or intuition) as a basis to commit to someone and then regretting it later. My "for what it's worth" advice today is this: If you are in the beginning stages of a relationship and any red flags show up, don't ignore them! You may regret it down the road if you do. And consider consultation with a Licensed Professional Counselor for additional help.

Stayed tuned for my next topic entitled "Believing is Seeing"

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